Warm 'n Fuzzy

About Us

From Rebecca, owner of Warm ‘n Fuzzy:

Knitting and crocheting has, for a long time, been a form of therapy for me. Sometimes a ball of yarn and a couple of sticks are all that it takes to brighten a dreary day. For many years, I had this crazy idea of running a yarn-café. I pictured people sitting, sipping, stitching, and sharing. 

In designing my shop, I wanted to create an environment that felt like a respite from everyday life.

Not long after opening, Warm 'n Fuzzy developed a strong community of crafters. We started with one knit/stitch group per week and are now going strong with three, with stitchers often happily squeezed onto our couch, chairs, and sometimes any floor space available!

For those who live nearby, I hope that Warm ‘n Fuzzy is just that… a warm ‘n fuzzy place to learn and be inspired. Come and knit (or crochet, or weave!) with us, enjoy a cup of tea, or take a class and learn something new.  And for those from one or 50 states away who may have found a treasure here, we hope that you enjoy your yarn as much as we do!

A note about our yarns: 

I choose yarns and products that make me happy and that reflect the values that I believe in. Many of the yarns at Warm ‘n Fuzzy are produced in the U.S. in small mills or dyed by hand by skilled artisans. I believe in sustainability and try to make green choices, from the yarns that I carry to the recycled shopping bags that I provide.

For those of you who live a bit further away, we are pleased to be able to offer most of our yarns that we carry here in our brick-and-mortar shop, available for purchase in our online shop.  For a full list of products that we have available in our retail shop in Cary, NC, click here.